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About Us

Re-Defining Sunrise

Mark and Christine

Mark is an award-winning professional photographer and founder of Rocky Mountain Photo Adventures, with Bow Valley as home since 2001. On a trip to visit family in 2017, Mark and Christine crossed paths on a fateful New Year’s Eve. Their bond was strengthened through their passion for adventure, photography and love of the Rocky Mountains, where they live with their beloved rescue dog Jasper and transit van Gregory.

Mark has earned international acclaim through his extensive Travel Photography with recognitions such as the Grand Prize from National Geographic Travelers World in Focus competition and awards from the Prix de Paris International Photo competition.

Together, Mark and Christine split their time between educating visitors across the Rockies and travelling in search of the perfect sunrise memories. 

Why We Got Started

Your golden ticket to glowing mountains.

Mark travels to Moraine Lake regularly since 2013 for photography workshops and personal shoots. Over the years, he saw the destination become busier and busier until one day, he and Christine got skunked searching for parking during Moraine’s infamous larch season. Forced to turn back, they were confronted with a burning question:

“If locals with inside knowledge of Moraine Lake can no longer access it, how will visitors ever experience its natural beauty?”

That day the seeds were planted for what would eventually become Moraine Lake Sunrise Shuttle. Combining their passions for epic sunrises, educating visitors, and photography, a concierge shuttle service just made sense. 

Join Mark, Christine and their spacious yet sporty Ford Transit van Gregory as they impart their mountain wisdom and get you to Moraine Lake for the most spectacular sunrise of your life. 

Moraine Lake Magic

Moraine Lake is located 14km from the village of Lake Louise, in the heart of Banff National Park. The lake is world-renowned for its distinctive turquoise hue and is backed by the Valley of the Ten Peaks. Pictured on postcards around the world, it checks all the boxes for the perfect Rocky Mountain Vista.

In addition to its natural beauty, Moraine Lake is also steeped in history and culture. The area is considered sacred to the Indigenous peoples of the area. After viewing the lake from the summit of Mount Temple, American scholar and mountaineer Walter Wilcox named the lake Moraine. Walter later wrote that the time he spent on the shores of the lake was “the happiest half-hour of his life.” In 1900 Tom Wilson cut a trail from Lake Louise to Moraine Lake, and the Canadian Pacific Railway expanded the trail into a road in 1902. In 1908 a teahouse was constructed on its shores, and today Moraine Lake Lodge offers overnight accommodations and canoe rentals to visitors. 

Moraine Lake is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to experience the natural wonders of the Canadian Rockies. And with the Moraine Lake Sunrise Shuttle, visitors can witness the magic of the lake at its best- when the peaks ignite with a pink and orange glow from dawn’s first light.

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Did you know?

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Its name comes from the pile of rocks, or moraine, created by the receding Wenkchemna glacier that formed the lake.

white silhouette of moraine lake sunrise shuttle logo


The distinct turquoise colour is caused by light refracting off rock flour, particles continually deposited into the lake by glacial runoff. 

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Moraine Lake appeared on the reverse side of Canada’s 20 dollar bill in 1969 & 1979 

The lake appears in a photo in Joe’s home in the video game “The Last of Us”

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